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Great, thanks!

So, every lvl had a clear problem which can be expressed in a game-mechanic language, that is great. Difficulty jumps all around - weird.(Two of the later ones were easy) So I figured the best lvls are those, where you can use broad concepts to solve it and worst - through fiddly timing. Two I solved by accident, but maybe I didn't grasp the concept that turned them from fiddly into conceptual. 

Reminds me of Jelly No Puzzle and Increpare's game "Puzzles" in that the levels and mechanics seem super duper simple, yet are INCREDIBLY difficult. I never skip or look up solutions for puzzles in puzzle games, but after spending around a half-hour trying to solve level 2 over the course of two play sessions, I simply could not get past it. LEVEL 2!!! So I literally ended up editing the source code to get past it, because it was so hard that I had exhausted all my options and I wasn't enjoying the process of trying to figure it out. I was spending 30 minutes on one puzzle, and I really wanted to see what else this game had to offer. Honestly, I really really REALLY want to know how the dev came up with these puzzles, as they are too ingeniusly designed even for me, a seasoned veteran of puzzle games.


Amazing! :D


Brilliant ;)


super nice. ty for the super nice game!

thanks for playing :)




This was really challenging! Felt like each level taught me something new about the mechanics. Well done :)

Im glad you enjoyed it :D


Nice, though the waiting between moving between each level was a bit annoying, but I guess PuzzleScript might not have any way of supporting streamline scrolling like that.

Interesting ending