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Hi ! I'm a huge fan of your PuzzleScript games, so I made an extanded version of this game ! I added more levels as well as more objects and even some objects that you didn't used in the final product ! Here is the source code if you want to edit some stuff :

Thanks for making this I had a lot of fun. :) I'm surprised you made 50 levels out of the concept and they were all great to play. Good work! ;)

Another reason I posted this link is that there are some bugs that invovles light walls, creatures and the ending. So if you find out a way to fix these bugs, that would be very helpfull !

I don't think I ran into any bugs ( except for a misplaced light block in level 31). Could you go into specifics about them?

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I found your comments now ill look at them

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Ok I have changed and fixed a few things related to your comments ;)

Since you really liked the extanded version, I thought I could make another one. Which one you think it's better to extand it ?

Up and down forces | The art of storageThe copying

I personally like The copying over the other 2. Also I don't think extanded is the right word, extended or expanded would be better.

Ok let's go for Copying !