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'What is a video game?' is a prediction of what future game developers will accept as videogames (well at least the games as art movement). It's about showing you SOME of the steps or movements in game development that developers in the future will work towards and pass.

Ultimately it's about showing how fundemental elements of what we 
think a videogame needs could be broken down

I was working on this for some time and stopped around may 2019.
All that was really left was to finish off the last section of the context/commentary and pretty all of it up by putting it in a pdf and making it easier to read but I've lost my motivation to finish that off right now. So in the future I may do it but just in case I dont I am uploading it now. 

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AuthorRosden Shadow
Tags2D, Altgame, artgame, Experimental, Game Design, GameMaker, non-game, Short, Text based, weird


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Pretty interesting spin of a concept of a video game. The concept of this is quite unique and I enjoyed going through this collection.

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I was thinking a lot about this stuff while developing my first game. At some point I realized that I stopped playing games while working on mine, because the actual experience of developing felt like a better version of the kind of experience I look for in my favorite types of games (exploration, puzzle)

ps.: Your game (??) should be in every school everywhere


What have you done to my perception of the world??!! This was really cool.


thanks for checking it out. I'm glad you found it so impactful. :)

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Really though provoking. I almost feel like this could be a theme for a game jam. Making a another game out of one of the games shown here (or even all of them).

  1. thinking about the text is very interesting. As a vim user, I always find myself into fun situations where I have to figure out a way to properly create a macro to make my tasks easier. There’s even a community of “vim golfing”. Pretty sure increpare has done a very frustrating game/plaything with this

  2. Wow, this button is so juicy, that was an amazing minutes of play. I would never even have thought if making a single button this good haha. Reminds me of some early weird websites, hope games help them come back.

  3. ★ Again, what a great minutes of play. This is my favorite so far. Also though of some mobas but with a scale of complexity way higher (but just arbitrarily). Idk, I believe there’s something to be thought of not only visual feedback, but overwhelming knowledge required.

  4. This is very interesting, and similar to the previous one for me actually. this could make for an game where it might to actually be visible most of the time, and you have to slowly figure out what your are doing.

  5. This one gives me anxiety, but also a great idle game. Would be interesting if the random seed was based on some arbitrary logic (I first thought that I could make the character move faster). Kind of like creating a fake superstition machine.

  6. This made me have a funny idea. Was thinking it could actually be a great idea to watch an AI slowly training and goind into some weird directions into a game. With the second part I though it could be a program that you had to look at to see training? A shoridinger’ pet. Also made me think of Petscop, which is a game that only has “lets play”s, and no real way of playing. So the game becomes to play its metagame (make theories and storycrafting).

  7. ★ Oh I love you, and I also hate you so much for this. almost made me make this run in puzzlescript. And made me think of this other genre: I describe very arbitrary and complicated rules, and the only possible way to “imagine” the game is by making it yourself.

  8. ★★ I’d love to have a bunch of levels for this. The fun thing about this is how I assume the game works, as you said, by its affordances. And there is a very very good idea for a game here, where you have to make the player break his own imagined rules. I got really caught up with this idea and might actyally make it!

  9. Interesting, I believe I played a similar thing by Anna Anthropy, where there is a description of a world and you have to imagine a character. This goes even deeper, it’s kind of like what I myself enjoy doing as a designer, imagining weird things.

  10. This one builds on the previous and it reminded me of Pipping Barr’s It is as if you were playing chess, it’s a very good game you should check it out.

  11. The final part of the argument makes me think about saying that all art is interactive, every art is a game.

  12. I would argue that there’s a third element here as well. The name of the game. It could also be said that the whole context is another element. It made me think a lot.

Thanks a lot for this game (number 13???), it was a wonderful and inspiring experience. I might make a game about #8 and mention you for the inspiration



Hey, If I made an extended game of #8, could I copy your tileset and objects?


thanks for playing and talking about your experience it really made my day.   

I don't mind if you take and use the tilesets and objects so go ahead. :)


Hey, I made this!


Any specific way you would like for me to credit you? And also, can I release the source of my thing with your images?

Thanks again, you also made mine =)


I'm fine with the way you have credited me already and I don't mind if you release the source with the things I made, so go ahead. ;)

Hey, what is the font you use in the game?

Comment on 11: I've actually heard this argument that all art is interactive  somewhere in Youtube, unfortunately I could'nt find it right now. The only counter-argument I can think for that is considering the possibility of an unperceivable object being art, which sounds like an useless idea.